In Memory Of Cherilyn H. Martin

June/29/1951 to April/4/2014

Loving Wife and Best Friend

Cherilyn was an oasis in the desert. I never knew anyone that did not immediately like her. Most people tolerated me to be around her. She accepted my children and cared for them as her own. She was warm, loving, compassionate and caring…she was genuine, the real deal.

Cherilyn discovered her niche in Mexico working with and caring for those less fortunate and leading the church and mission outreach that she co-founded. She put the needs of others ahead of her own.

Cherilyn was not a natural leader but acquired the skills out of her desire to honor God by serving others. She touched the hearts of countless people with her beautiful smile, tireless giving and genuine sincerity.

I see her touch everywhere I turn and I see the love on the face of others when I mention her name. Cherilyn was my wife, my best friend and my partner and I will truly miss her…FOREVER! Tom Martin

Notes from friends and family:

Cherilyn was a great blessing to me during our short time in Cancun. I am thankful for her sweet spirit and how she immediately welcomed me with open arms into the women's fellowship - her kindness made a difficult situation bearable, and I'll never forget her for that. We'll be in prayer for her husband, family, and church family in the days to come...

Dear Tom,
I'm very sorry for Cherilyn and for you---please be strong we will pray for both of you.

I loved Cherilyn so much, Tom. She meant more than I could have ever told her. We love you and think about you often. You're in our hearts, Tom. I just wish we could be there with you.

I am deeply sad and sorry for this sudden news. Kulsoom joins me in praying for Cherie and your family in this difficult time. I know she will be in a far better place. We pray you find the strength to bear this tremendous loss.
Amen. Hadi

Dear Tom
We are extremely shocked and saddened to read this email. Please accept our deepest and most heartfelt condolences. I know we haven't known you and Cherie long, but have always felt a special connection to you both and it was an honor to have known her. You, Cherie, and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. May God embrace you in comfort during this difficult time.
Mohammad and Tiffaney

May God bless her and bless you my friend. Soleiman

Hi Tom
I'm really sorry to hear the news and I can't begin to imagine the pain that you are feeling now. Cherilyn was a true blessing and an inspiration to all as an example of love in action, joy and goodness. Please let me know if you need anything or would like me to contact anyone.
God bless, Katherine

May God give you strength and comfort. I always think of the Holy Spirit as a comforter. Take and wrap yourself in him.
Hugs, Janice

Bless your heart Tom. Cheri LOVED the ocean, and life there, the people...and how precious was our time together with the two of you, Mike and I. Cheri's little body went through SO much. Please continue to update me, I'm praying and won't quit.

Oh Tom we are so sorry. Do you want to talk? Just call. Anything you need just call. Just tell us if there is anything we can do. Love you! SB

Tom Just to let you know we are praying for our Father's loving hand to guide Cherilyn into health or Heaven. We are keeping you in our prayers because we know you too are hurting. Please let us know if we can do anything to be there for you. Cherie always thanked me for being there for you and I fear I have failed. Call on us for help.
Jean and George

I heard about Cherilyn's situation. I'm so broken right now. I can't imagine how you're doing. I just wanted to tell you that we love you guys so much and I would give anything to just give you a hug. We're praying for her along with so many others. MC

Hi Dear Tom! We are praying for our sweet Cherilyn. Thanks for letting us know tonight we have just spent time on our knees asking for the healing and we will continue to pray. We believe that our good God would surely protect her from all evil. I have a scripture for her and you. Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. We love you precious couple. Please update us how she is going.
With love, Spurgeon and Usha

Oh Tom! We are so sorry to hear this. All I can say is that our hearts ache for you. We will miss her greatly. Kim

I am so sorry Tom...what an incredibly beautiful woman Cherilyn was. A perfect lady from the moment I met her, nothing but sweet each and every time I saw her. I am so sorry for your loss.... GB

Tom I am saddened about this news. As I personally know the pain you are feeling right now we know that Cherie is now with our father in heaven. Please pass my condolences to your family and hers.

We love you Tom and will be with you Sunday with Cynthia and Vartan. If there is anything we can do and help with at any time just let us know. Whenever you are ready, if you want any help with the household stuff we can come anytime. You and Shawn can go out and I will do whatever is needed.
All our love, Suzanne and Shawn

Dear brother Tom,
Praying that God's peace and love draws you even closer to Him and that the reality of one day being gathered together with Cherie to our lord Jesus Christ comforts your heart.
Grace and peace, Clayton and Karen

I send my deepest condolences Tom and if you need anything that I can help with, please let me know. Is she Coming stateside? If she is, please email and let me know. I am deeply saddened but envious at the same time. She has gone to save us a place at the table just like on Thursdays. Don't hesitate to call.
Sincerely, Tammie

Tom, We are so sorry to hear this news. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Glena and I sympathize with your loss. She is now with God. I know your were blessed by her as well as those who she ministered in life. God be with you. Our thoughts are with you.
Love, Glena and Jon

Tracy and I are so sorry to hear about Cherilyn. We Love you both very much and appreciate the work you're doing in the Yucatán. God bless you and keep you. We will continue to pray for your ministry.
Harold and Tracy

Tommy I just saw the announcement about Cherie. Leslie and I are so sorry to hear about this. Let me know if you'll have time in the next couple days to talk and I'll give you a shout.

Dear Tom,
I'm sorry to hear of the graduation of your amazing wife Cherilyn. She is a great person and means a whole lot to many people. I will be sending all of my good vibrations your way.
Lots of love! Riley

Dear Tom,
We are so sorry to hear of Cherilyn's passing. Our hearts ache for you. She was so sweet and kind. She is now free of pain and sickness. We are headed to Texas tonight and will be back I'm Cancun either the 11th or 12th. We will plan to see you on the 13th. If you need us to bring you anything, let me know. Take care of yourself. Nancy. & Pete

Hi Tom, June and I are so sorry to hear that we are without Cherie now. We knew her for only a short time but she was one who will stay in our thoughts forever-until we see her again. For Cherie we are only jealous that her work here on earth is done and she can rest now. Andy and June

I am so sorry to hear about Cherilyn. We will all miss her. She was a really fine lady and devout Christian.

it was an honor that you and Cherie's family allowed me to be there. I will call you when I come back.

My heart breaks for you; I cannot imagine your pain. I am comforted by the faithfulness of you and your wife and the assurance that she is experiencing tremendous joy in the presence of the Father. We are in prayer for you, your family, and your ministry.
All the best, John H. Graves

Dear Tom,
We were really saddened when your email arrived. We had no idea. When we visited Cancun last year we remarked at how Cherilyn didn't look 100%. Guess the only blessing is that we know she's gone to a GREAT PLACE with our heavenly Father. Our thoughts & prayers are with you at this time Tom.
Grahame & Fay

Hi Tom,
Mom and dad just emailed me about Cherilyn. I'm so sad now that I let so much time go by without going back to Mexico for a visit. It's funny to feel so much for friends of my parents, but you are both so dear to me. You are family. And I can feel now just how much Cherilyn meant to me and how much her beautiful energy touched me and made a difference in my life even with the short amounts of time we would spend together when I came home from Morelia and around Christmas time. She was such a loving person. She told me once that she loved me. And it shocked me because it seemed to me that we had only known each other for a very short time and I was just her friend's daughter. But she was so genuine, she just opened her heart and it made everything around her beautiful. I'm sad now at how life works and that I took it for granted and didn't just take the time to tell her this sooner, but it's really meaningful for me to be able to say it to you, so thank you. I spent some time talking to her this morning in my head. I think now that perhaps I left her a very long voice mail in heaven because she has probably been getting a whole lot of calls and has a lot of people to talk to and things to do. But her energy, her joy, her openness of heart, her giving nature and all the love she poured into everything around her is an example for me. A role model. I told her in my voice mail that I would like to be more like her, actually that everyone could benefit from being more like her. But I'm taking on being more open hearted, letting the people around me in and giving love to everyone in everything I do to make a difference, the way she did for me. I think she was wonderful and we were all so blessed to have her in our lives. I love you, Tom. I love you both. I'll make you some brownies when I come visit. Promise. Love, Brianna

I was sooo sorry to hear this news. Even though I had only met you both a few times (last time was in Costco parking lot about 1 yr. ago), I felt that Cherilyn was such a warm, genuine and very soulful lady. I feel for you and all who will greatly miss her. God bless you and your family. Linda

I am sorry for your loss. Cherilyn is with The Lord now. Condolences for all she left behind. Christina

Dear Tom,
I am so sorry to hear about Cherilyn. I can't imagine how difficult this time is for you, even knowing that she is now in heaven. She was a true lady – gentlewoman – in every sense. Her presence here will be truly missed.
My deepest condolences, Nancy

I know loosing the person closest to you must be the hardest thing in the world to go through. I will cry with you. When the tears are over we can rejoice in the person she was and the fact that she is with our father God. That our father God is holding you in his hands right now. Lean heavily on him now. I am so sorry to hear this news. You all were lifesavers to us in helping our son David and we will never forget you and what you did. You have our deepest sympathy and will continue to hold you up in prayer.
Ruth and Wayne

You're in my prayers Tom! My heart has never hurt so badly and I can't seem to stop the tears from falling. Your wife was truly a blessing too many. The girls and I cannot stop talking about her great influence in our lives with her beauty and grace and her smile that could light up a dark room. She taught us girls so much! She was my rock here, my confidant. She was my sister and girl partner in Mexico. We had each other we were the last two of the of girls morning group. And I feel ashamed that I never got to tell her in detail how much she meant to me! I'm broken. Ryan said that you are going to do a memorial here in Cancun? I'd like to help in any way I can. I know the loss is more for you and I can't even fathom a pain deeper than what I have at this moment! God bless you Tom! God is our strength! Lean on The Lord with His understanding and not ours. Good night! Please call if you need anything!!!! We love you! Laurie

I am so sad to hear of your (our) loss. My family was fortunate to spend a little time with Cherilyn while in Cancun in 2012, and to know what an amazing person and incredible light she was. From your note I gather that this has all happened suddenly, and I will pray for you and the other members of your team. Chris

Oh Tom, words don't even begin to express my sorrow for you. Cherilyn is such a beautiful lady and she always reflected the graciousness and love of Jesus when I would see her at church. It was always such a joy be greeted at the door with her cheerful welcome. There must have been an incredible welcome in heaven for such an amazing lady and it does give comfort that she is with her Lord. I know these will be hard times for you and the church family. I will be praying that God will give you peace and comfort as you walk through the valley.

Dear Tom
I was stunned to hear of Cherilyn being called home. She was such a beautiful person. I know your grief and loneliness as both of our partners have gone on. Believe me, time will heal you somewhat. I can now tell people that Sylvia has died and not cry right in the middle of telling them. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Love, Dan

Tom. We are deeply saddened to learn about Cherie´s departure. We all loved her and considered her as part of the family, as she was a very humane and beautiful person. We are going to miss her a lot. May she rest in peace.
Luis, Kathy, Perfecto and all the family

I am so moved by this. I only met you and Cherilyn in person for 8 hours or less yet my connection to both of you is so strong. Renee and I could see the love for the Lord and his people in both of you. The marriage and relationship that the two of you showed in your walk was so strong and deep, an example for all married people. I know the way you feel about your wife and how much she means to you. I have a similar marriage with Renee. I am joyous because Cherilyn is in the place we all want to be one day, streets of gold praising our maker. But I am so sad/emotional/bothered (not sure the words) for you and the loss of Cherilyn who did so much for God and had so much love on this earth. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Tom, you truly are my brother in Christ. Renee and I were personally blessed to have had a chance to meet your wife and our friend Cherilyn.

Hello Tom:
I am so sorry to hear of Cherie's death, I know you will miss her terribly as well as all the people that surrounded her, she was truly a blessing I am just so sorry I did not get to meet her when we came to Cancun 2 years ago. I am praying for you and the family that the Lord will give you peace and comfort you during these difficult days.
God Bless You Tom, Maria

I am so sorry for your loss. She was a good person & I know you will miss her. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

Tom, I am sad to hear of the loss of your wife. While I never met here personally, it is apparent from the words of your announcement that she was someone special. I believe that she will be missed by many people whose lives she touched. Words are never enough, but know that I have thought of you often over the years that have passed since we last saw each other and have good memories of the time we had together. I am sure that you will have great memories of the time you were given with Cherilyn. My sympathies,

What do you say about someone who has been in your life all your life? I, my sisters and brother will always remember her. She is with her mom and dad, so finally she is truly happy now. What she didn't have on earth, she finds in eternal life.

We were blessed, truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have this beautiful person in our lives. The time that our paths crossed was short but extremely cherished. We love you and miss you already. You are at peace and with God now and I know you will watch over Tom and help bring him peace at this time.

What does one say about a remarkable woman like my Aunt C? There is not enough space to write or words to speak. You always had words of encouragement love to share. Enough to fill the whole world and plenty left over to give. I am deeply saddened of the loss of this precious life. Maybe I didn't say it enough but I love you and thank you for investing in my life. You were there when my first child came into this world 21 years ago and you've been in my life ever since. You are missed so much already. I know the angels were pacing heaven waiting for you where Jesus proclaimed "well done good and faithful servant". I love you Aunt C., Ashley

Such a beautiful and special person is gone, but all the love she spread will remain between us. Thank you for that smile that made smile back every time.
I love you Mom!! Violeta

Love you & always Amiga May God be with Tom and your family to give them peace and wrap His arms around them. I will see you again and I will continue to spread Love around me like you thought me so well. Annie-Michele

Love you Cherie! Till we meet again. Debbie

Rest in peace mom. We love you very much. You brought so much joy and love to so many. Thank you for always loving me.

Dear Tom, Juan and I were deeply saddened to hear of Cherie's passing. To know her was to love, admire and respect her and we feel fortunate to have shared a part of our lives with her. Please let us know if there will be a memorial service here in Cancun. With sympathy and love to all the family.
Mona and Juan

We are so sorry to hear about your wife. May you find comfort in knowing that she is in the arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus.
Jon, Kristi, Jared and Kaylin

So, so sorry to hear about this loss. Cherilyn was one of the kindest and friendliest people I've had the pleasure of meeting, and now she is waiting for us all in Paradise. If there is anything you need at this time, don't hesitate to ask. Laura and Jorge

I saw a sunrise this morning that reminded of you. You always saw the good in everything and always had a smile and a laugh. You always showed me the positives in every negative. You always had a way of treating me like your own son. You always had a way cheering everybody around you up. You always had a hug and a welcoming glow. You always had. It seems sad to have to say had. It breaks my heart that I only have that in my heart and mind and no longer in the flesh. I know I will see you again in God's kingdom but that doesn't make it easier here and now. I'm very blessed to have had you in our lives and hearts. I know you made my life and outlook better. I know you were a great spirit. I know I miss you. I know I love you and my life won't be the same. Thank you. Thank you for all you did and still do from above. Thank you for being in mine and Holly's life. Thank you for being so loving, so sweet, so positive and so accepting. Thank you for your smile and that unique laugh that I'll never forget. I miss you mom. I wish you were still here. LBM Sweet Cher, beautiful mermaid, precious friend...So much has been written here, beautiful expressions of our love and thankfulness for having known you. You have been a faithful servant, a shining light, full of joy and God's love and kindness. And some day I will hug you and tell you face to face, heart to heart, how much you have meant to me. We thank you for all the work you have done for the children and others to have better lives and lead them to know Christ and His love. You will remain in my heart forever sweet friend. To Tom and the family, please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. God's love and peace be with you all.

I don't check this address very often but today your news saddens my heart. Please receive our sympathy, we are proud to have known Cherilyn as a dear friend, as she was a kind, gentle and joyful soul but, most of all, a servant of God. I am sure this is a difficult moment for you and everyone around Cherilyn. We will be praying for the Lord to accompany you and bring peace to your soul so you can continue with his work touching hearts in this world. We will soon meet again my friend.
Saludos/Regards, Luis

It was a shock filled with sadness when I got your email last week. I have had many good memories going through my mind. The first was when I came down in 2006 and got to know her and why she was "The One". Cherilyn had a sweet spirit and instantly I liked her. And all the following visits when we met showed me more, and especially as your faith deepened and your works with the orphanage.

I remember when I attended church with you that first visit Cherilyn said "We can take you to the airport or you can come to church with us". I saw her joy in the worship, and thought Tom is going to be ok in this life. As you said, she has graduated! She has no need for faith as she is in the fulfillment of her life. May you be blessed buy the good memories as they are forever. As Easter comes next Sunday, we will worship and say, "O death where is your sting?"

I did forward your email to some of the guys. I also picked up the pipes and played "Going Home" with all the heart you can put into playing the bagpipes.

Lastly, in the early sixties, I listened to a late night music program on WBBM-AM out of Chicago. Every night the host, Franklin MacCormack, would read this poem, which started: Why do I love you...I love you not only for who you are, but for what I am when I am with you.... and the rest I forgot long ago. But it sums up a wonderful relationship and that's what you and Cheri had/have.

Blessings to you, former rascal Bruce

I truly do not know what to say, she was such a beautiful, caring lady…a true gentle lady. Her leadership in the church and mission outreach was an inspiration to others, especially the women that she knew and touched. Cherilyn had the heart of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb. She was my friend, Christian sister and mentor. My heart breaks for her family. Cherilyn, we know you are in heaven and we ask that you never forget us because we will surely never forget you. We love you so much.
Tom and family

Hi Tom I just wanted to write and let you know that Nathan and I are praying for you nonstop! My heart is so broken. I feel so honored to have known and loved Cherilyn! She was such a ray of sunshine regardless of what might have been going on in her life (or body). She loved without condition and everyone she met felt it. Her love for Jesus and others was such an example to all of us. I can't fathom what you are feeling but know that so many of us are praying for you. We love you both and are grateful for the time we had with you in Mexico! Cheri will never be forgotten! Love, Kaycee

Hi Tom
Reading all those comments about how many lives Cherilyn has touched is truly inspirational and knowing that she gave hope and joy to all those she met speaks volumes about the seeds she has planted in the hearts and lives of others and how God works through us to touch others even when we don't know it at the time.
Thank you for sharing this, Katherine

Beautiful memories of a really sweet lady. Don and I are so sorry she passed away. We have look at her pictures over and over. You both looked good and she always looked happy. Both of you made a lot of good friends and they will help you get through this hard time. Sherry What a beautiful tribute to Cherie! She was a beautiful lady is so many ways. I know from hearing you talk, that she was the light of your life and for many others in your Cancun community. She will be missed my so many friend and family. We will have to plan a trip to see you soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Cherilyn Harris Martin my dear friend...we will miss you. I know you will continue to dance in and out of our lives in ways we may not even know. Be with our love that crosses time and space. Love you! Suzanne and Shawn

We were so sorry to hear about your loss. We really enjoyed getting to know your wife, if only for a brief time when we visited 2 years ago. I pray that you will know God's great peace, and experience the reality of His victory over death during this Easter season. We will be visiting Cozumel in May. If we can bring you anything from the states, please let us know. Seriously.
Take care, Roger and Nancy