Thanks for the great day. Today you both provided us with food for the soul and food for the body. What a great time. See you on Wednesday.

Thank you so much for the pictures and for the opportunity to meet you all and the children. It was an experience that none of us will ever forget and we are grateful for it. My kids said their day at the orphanage was the best part of the trip. I think we all wanted to take some of the kids home with us.
Thanks again, Ronni

Tom and Cherilyn
Proud of you and your hard work. I will make note of this so when we come we wont' get lost~!! Thank you for your work.
Patricia and Tommy

Mr. Martin,
Hello. I hope you are doing well. I apologize it took a couple weeks -- catching up on what was left behind was very hectic, and also I wanted to have some time to reflect on the trip. Thank you so much for your kindness and help in getting us organized. I think the direction you led us was what we had wanted to accomplish on this trip. We also really enjoyed Cancun, and it took at least a week after returning to gain our focus back -- Cancun was enchanting for all of us. I do again want to express sincere appreciation for your help in organizing the visits to the orphanage and also for sharing your knowledge of Cancun and being so kind with your time.

Good Morning Tom,
As they say on the radio talk shows, "First time caller, long time listener". Although we have never met, June and I have follow your mission work on your blog. First, we love the quotes. We find them meaningful and inspirational and I have used many of them in emails I have written. It is our intention to vacation in Cancun in 2013. We will be there for two weeks so we will have a chance to visit your church at least once and meet the people who are able to do such amazing things and maybe pick up a few ideas we can use in our work in Georgia. God bless you, your wife and the volunteers,

thinking about yall today. Please use this money as you see fit. I am working with Robert on generating $ for the orphanage.
Regards and Merry Christmas. GK

Thank you so much again for allowing my family to join you briefly during our time in Cancun! The work you and your husband are doing is wonderful, and really touched us -- particularly the way in which you both (and the others I met) are so fully committed to the ministry and to the children and staff at Casa Hogar. We would like to provide regular financial support to Casa Hogar of $50 / month, to help do a (small) part to support God's work there. I've set up a recurring payment, and the first check should be issued this Friday, and be sent to Houston shortly thereafter. Please let me know if you don't see this come through by early next week! Thank you again, and we will pray for you and for the team in Cancun. Have a great Christmas!

Good afternoon,
I currently work at US Airways. I have seen what they have done. I would love to help out and wanted to know exactly how many children you have in your facility?
Regards, Yvonne

I watched the video you sent in the newsletter with awe and amazement. The awe was in how you attracted so many volunteers to help you with the project and the amazement was that you got 51 US Airways employees involved in your wonderful mission work. As I watched the movie (over and over), I paid special attention to the names and titles of the people that were painting the walls and buildings and found it particularly interesting that US Airways' Chief Operating Officer (the top dog himself) along with Senior Vice Presidents and managers were in attendance and happily painting.
Truly Amazing! Keep up the great work.

my wife and I visited the orphanage in Bonfil five years ago and again two weeks ago and the positive changes your church and mission partners have accomplished since you started working with Casa Hogar are beyond belief. Mother Esther told us your group has been a blessing. I am sorry we did not get to meet you on our visit but time constraints had us going in too many directions. We were told that your church is doing well and we are very happy for you and your wife. We know what it takes to keep a church and mission program going. We will be back this summer and we will make a point of attending your Sunday service and meet the people that serve God by serving others.
God Bless and Merry Christmas, Ben

Tom and Cherilyn
Always enjoy reading your e-mails...the quotes are always great! Cherilyn and you are special folks, and we praise God for the work you do day in and day out in Cancun. Hope to see you around the February 2013 time frame.
Merry Christmas my friend, Jean

Don forwarded us the video showing your orphanage work and the project the airlines did in assisting you. What a wonderful ministry opportunity God has given you. Thankful for all you are doing in sharing God's love and His message of salvation through Jesus in Cancun. Always enjoy hearing from you. Praying for God's blessings for you,

What a wonderful "doing" this group did for the children! God bless them!

WOW! Praise God for the work you do in Cancun! I count it a blessing and privilege to know you.

Great Job Tom!
Enjoyed the video and posted it on my Facebook for all to see. Amazing and big kudos on getting US Airways support. You guys should be proud to have a sponsor like that. Happy for you guys....Keep up the great work.

The most heart warming video I ever watched. I wish I had been there. You are such a blessing, may God keep you in His care.

Blessings, DeAnn

Hi Tom!!
I wanted to let you know that the opportunity for us to serve at the orphanage has had a tremendous impact with our staff, particularly our senior management. We are communicating this great work to our 32,000 employees and we will see where that leads us. This project will have an impact on our team. I am sure we will work together again! Thanks and have a happy Thanksgiving.
Francisco Avalos,
Community Relations,
US Airways

You are truly an example of one who goes the extra mile in ministry in Cancun.
Thank You! GM

Take care of yourself Cherilyn and our hearts are with you; just remember you are very important to us and all the work you do with the church. You and Tom are very special and our prayers are that God will give you the comfort you need.
Love you, Kathie

once again great quotes. You are on our daily prayer list. Thank you for the great work you do in Cancun. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Garry

Hello Cherilyn,
Love to you all from Cally and Lorraine. It was such a pleasure to join you in your fellowship when we were in Mexico, and to admire the wonderful work you are doing with the children. Only the Lord knows if we will get back to Mexico but I wish you all the best in your work in the name of Jesus. My news is on the 24th of June I got baptized in my church which was a wonderful experience. It is lovely to receive your news letter. Until we meet again.
God bless, Lorraine & Cally

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