Great news!!!!

Love the quotes this week! God bless,

GREAT quotes today, Tom.

Good morning to Cancun Christian Fellowship If we want to make cash donations, where can we do this? Take care & best regards,

I always enjoy all the newsletter quotes Tom

Cherilyn (and Tom :) ), This is Nancy …...We are now back home in Ohio after an amazing trip and time with the kids. Sorry it took a while to email. Jumped right back in to high school graduation and out-of-town company. We took time to look at pictures last night and were so thankful for our time with you guys.

The kids asked several times during the week to go back to Casa Hogar. We all really were so blessed to get to know you guys and to see what God is doing through Christians of many backgrounds in respect to the orphanage there. I know that this will be a memory that stays with all of us for many years to come, and will continue to impact us as we seek to follow Him in our various situations and pursuits.

We would love to keep in touch! We will be continuing to watch the blog and would love to dialog from time to time. We just put our name on the available list to take a new foster child, so I am sure I will be up in the night with the baby numerous times. Some of my best "catching up" time. :)

Thanks again for the time and hospitality you showed to us. May God continue to bless the work you are doing in your corner of the world.

We failed to get a picture on our camera of you guys and all of us together. Whoever took that picture accidentally pushed the video button instead. If you got one on your camera and it is not difficult, we would love an email. We will probably print it out and put the cross you gave us with it somewhere prominent where we can continue to keep you guys and the work you are doing in the forefront of our minds and prayers as we continue to "pray without ceasing" for His work to be accomplished.
Nancy and Roger

Tom, you and Cherilyn are doing a great job with the church and mission outreach. We absolutely enjoyed with spent with you and look forward to bringing a group from our church to help make repairs at the orphanage. We will pray for Pastor Mancilla and Esther and the children God has placed in the care of Casa Hogar. Keep up the wonderful work…call us if you need help and we will see you again soon.

Thanks for the gift, you guys are so sweet, you made my day thanks a lot...Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for the invite to the men's breakfast bible study/women's fellowship and the orphanage tour, as well as having lunch with us. Carolyn and I (& Juliete) had a great time. Have a GREAT rest of the week. God be with you till we meet again!

Tom, thanks a lot for your always wonderful words, I will make them available to all my staff. They will really appreciate them.
Great day,

Dear Tom and Cherilyn,
It was such a blessing to "find" you all last Sunday and to visit the Children's home on Wednesday! (We also loved visiting the American School, thanks to Nancy!) I love your quotes in the church's newsletter, and wonder how you found so many good ones?

Hola Tom, keep up the LORD's work. The newsletters are great.
Andy and June

Tom and Cherilyn, thank you so much for the courtesy and time extended to us on our recent trip to Mexico. Your Sunday service and the children at the home were the highlights of our trip and we can't stop talking and thinking about what you are doing. It all comes down to the fact that you guys are remarkable. We will be talking to study groups in our local church, spreading our story and working on donations to assist your work in Bonfil. Rest assured our paths will cross again in the near future. Until then, may our fabulous Father bless you and your mission vision.

The pastor and his wife have been in my prayers. When we were there 1 year ago his health was not 100%. Is he doing ok, praying for God to bless him and remove any health problems. The church we attend in Indiana wants to send some money. Out of nowhere my pastor came to me and said God has led him to send money to the Mexican orphanage we told them about. He is a good man of God and if God says do something then he does it. No idea how much money but I am sure it will be just what God wants.

I really wanted to send you and Tom a message last week but it went so fast with the kids here. We really appreciate the job you both do for the church and children. We are glad we finally found such a friendly and loving church family. We would gladly drop off flyers at the hotels to spread the word about the church service and orphanage work. We will be leaving 4/26 for home. We are planning on coming back in July. We will not be in church for Easter but will be back next week.

Looks like a lot of work. You've done real good boy.

Sunday is almost here and I'm sure your hearts and minds are in gear for another Lord's Day. May the Lord help you and supply all that you need. May all technical equipment work without any problems. May God be glorified. Cheri, I pray you are feeling strong and well. I cannot wait to be part of the service. Praying for your Sunday...Thank you for alllll the work you do to make it a possibility for the English church to continue.
Un brazo fuerte!

Hi Cherilyn!
So sorry I haven't written. We got home very early Sunday morning, and have barely had time to catch our breath. Thank you so much for the photos. I have some for you too, which I am editing. The girls and I are so thankful that we got to visit with you and the children. I am glad that we brought useful things. The girls enjoyed their play time so much! We hope to return again, just not sure when. Please say hello to Tom for us.
Hi Cherilyn! So sorry I haven't written. We got home very early Sunday morning, and have barely had time to catch our breath. Thank you so much for the photos. I have some for you too, which I am editing. The girls and I are so thankful that we got to visit with you and the children. I am glad that we brought useful things. The girls enjoyed their play time so much! We hope to return again, just not sure when. Please say hello to Tom for us. Love, Sharon Love, Sharon

My husband & I are visiting Cancun at the end of November & were trying to do a little mini- missions ourselves. I saw on your website that you were accepting donations of clothing, school supplies, etc.. and we were wondering if we could possibly donate to your church. Is there a need for clothing or care boxes for kids or are there needs that you have on your hearts that need to be filled? We do praise & worship at our church in Holdingford, MN at the Community Country Church. Please let me know if we can set up a dialogue about a possible donation.

Hello Tom,
I hope all is well in Cancun/Puerto Morelos. Give me an update on how you and Cherilyn and how the orphanage is doing. We'll try to get back down there in April.

Hey down there. Remember the ride you gave us back to Moon Palace!! Are you still meeting at B2B?? Please give time you meet. We sure did appreciate the ride that Sunday. Tommy and I are doing okay. My email is on high block, so please ask to be added to my address book. Thanks,
Patricia and Tommy

Thank YOU and Cherie for the opportunity. You both know I have wanted this for a long time! God's wonderful timing! Praying! XOXO

Gday from Downunder!
I've forgotten the name of the pastor there in Cancun. We worshipped with you in November, 2011 for just 1 Sunday. Met the guy who drove the Corvette and a few other folk. Appreciate your newsletters and the fact that you now have "new" premises. Praise the Lord.
Cheers, Grahame & Fay

Hi, I found your email from the webpage while I was looking information about orphanages because I would love to do some voluntary work giving art classes and other activities sometimes, since I now live in Cancun. It has been very hard to find telephone numbers and addresses and I was wondering if you could help me.
Thank you! Sirli

A NEW CHURCH LOCATION…YEAH :)))))))))))))))))) I'm sooooooooooo happy for you...praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Hi Tom and Cherie,
I am praying for you and the new service location and your strength in the LORD this morning. Please tell me all about it...

Good Afternoon,
My husband and I will be vacationing at ……. Beach Riviera Cancun in Playa del Carmen from March 1st - 6th. We are attending my husband's work retreat. My husband and I would love to visit the Casa Hogar para Ninos Esperanza while we are down there if possible. Is the current need still Spanish coloring books and clothing? I would love to speak with someone more specifically about the needs of the specific children there at the orphanage. I know this is last minute but if I can get an email out to my church family early enough this week hopefully we can bring lots of goodies with us for the children. We would also like to attend church at Cancun Christian fellowship on Sunday but my husband's company may have activities planned for us I'm not sure yet. Is the orphanage associated with a particular denomination or other Christina association? My pastor would probably need to know that information before authorizing me to contact our church body requesting donations. Thank you and God bless!

Thank you for sending us the newsletter. We attended Cancun Christian Fellowship for two weeks and hope to return again this weekend. We will find the new location! I had a question for you. Do you know of a place where we could donate adult clothing? I see the orphanage needs children's clothing which makes sense to me. Unfortunately I don't have any children's clothes but do have a bag of adult women clothes that I'd like to donate somewhere if possible. If you know of a place I would appreciate it. Thank you and hope to see you this Sunday.
God Bless You. Julie

Good Morning,
I was doing some "looking" online and found your website. My family and I will be in the Playa del Carmen area the first week of April and we would like to visit the Casa Hogar that you support. We were in Puerto Vallarta last year and visited a Casa Hogar there; it was an amazing way to spend a day. I am wondering what items they need; do you have a list that you can send? We will probably visit the Wal-Mart prior to going to the home rather than bringing items from Denver. Please let me know what information you can provide as well as their address. Thank you in advance, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much for the speedy reply from Tom. As I told him we will be arriving DV on the 13th May and will love to spend some time in your fellowship. We are staying at the ….. so would appreciate directions nearer the time of our arrival. This will be our first trip to Mexico and we both still can't believe we are going.
Regards Lorraine & Cally

HELLO May I please introduce myself. My name is Lorraine and my friend Cally and I are coming in May to holiday in Riviera Maya. I have been looking on the internet for places of fellowship when we are there. I found your info. We would really like to share some time with you. We both live and work in London and are so looking forward to our first trip to Mexico. We would both look forward to hearing from you, as each time we travel it is good to share in fellowship with other Christians.
Reagrds from Lorraine & Cally

Thank you so much for the speedy reply from Tom. As I told him we will be arriving on the 13th May and will love to spend some time in your fellowship. We are staying at the … Palace so would appreciate directions nearer the time of our arrival. This will be our first trip to Mexico and we both still can't believe we are going.
Regards Lorraine & Cally

It's so wonderful to be wanted. I'm so grateful the LORD saw fit to open up a new location...on several different levels. Praise God. My dad and I are enjoying WARM here :)) See you Sunday!

Tom and Cherilyn,
I just received the newsletter and I wanted to express my excitement over the relocation of the Community of Faith English Service. I remember the facility well and feel you have been blessed to be able to move the service there. Tom, for the past two years, I have followed your leadership with the church as well as the mission outreach with Cancun Christian Fellowship and you are doing a great job. I also know the people around you, no matter how close, do not know what you go through to accomplish all the tasks at hand. The thing is you make it look easy and you keep moving forward, probably getting discouraged but never giving up. You and Cherilyn have done amazing things at Casa Hogar…I know you have a lot of help, but someone has to lead or the job never gets done. You and Cherilyn have my continuing gratitude for your vision and leadership. I hope to be back in Cancun in about three months and I will see you then my friend. Keep up the great work,

Gracias Tom and family. I will be there Sunday, 26th at 10:00. God bless you. It is a very good location and you are will grow very fast at Plaza Tokal. Congratulations. We are going to pray for you. Thanks Rodolfo

Thanks Tom, I also see that happening, and can't wait to be one of your members. We only wish we could be there to help with the renovation. Thanks for the updates on the work and fellowship. Keep up the GOD work, Andy

You community is very welcoming and friendly. We were blessed last Sunday by being here, both by your fellowship and the sermon on peacemakers. Come join us at our church in Toledo if you ever pass through on I-75. Lynn

Hi Tom, Just read the is amazing how the LORD works, and supplies workers, money and various donations isn't it? My thanks are for your stepping up to meet a real many years ago now? BUT, there has been much time, foot work, money, organization (and the list goes on and on) for the work you and Cheri have done to keep the English Church alive. So, I thank you. I know also (through my varied life) sometimes the obstacles seem insurmountable. When we have much opposition, we wonder IF we are on the right road after all. OR are the obstacles to test our faith...OR to move us into another direction. Only with prayer and wisdom can help you know what the Father wants. The work on the new septic system at Casa Hogar...seemed awful...and then, wonderful. WOW Tom. What joy must fill your soul with the help you have organized for this work of love for the children and for the LORD. All thanks to God for the money, helpers, supplies and work done to accomplish such a great task. What a wide range of heartache and joy for the work you are doing. I wish I could condense my words...I know men don't like all the blah blah, but I don't know how to do that. So, long story short....Thank you. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ...Phil 1:2

Cherilyn, I just finished visiting your website and first of all let me say I had such a rush of emotions it is hard to pinpoint which one came first. Pride in seeing my childhood friend doing such glorious works, sadness that any child would endure the things these children do and joy that there are people in this world like you that give so much to help the less fortunate. I shared this site with Dr. King and he asked that I forward it to him. I would really like to help in some way but would need your input as to how I could best do that. As you may or may not know, I am adopted so viewing your site really touched me because but for the grace of God I was raised in a warm loving home. I feel led to give back in some way. I write with tears. God truly leads in the most unbelievable ways. I have felt the call to do something in my life for quite some time and I truly believe God has led me to your little orphanage. Look forward to hearing from you. Love and hugs from Texas! Rebecca

Thank you for including us :-) Our kids said that it was the best Christmas Eve they have ever had. Hope to do it again next year! :-) Haven

Thanks for letting us know. I really appreciate it. And thank you and your wife and those at the church for their caring about these precious kids. Jon

God Bless YOU!!!! And all the wonderful work you do! Merry Christmas! Your friends, The Sokels

We just wanted to send along Christmas greetings to you and the kids at the orphanage. Thank you for how you and your church continue to minister to the kids. Obviously, we won't make it down for Christmas, but we will keep your family and the kids in our prayers. Jon, Kristi, Jared and Kaylin

Dear Tom & Cherie: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. It is just a beautiful day. We hope you will all find yourselves around the table with family or friends this Thanksgiving Day and be thankful for each other and for what we have and for God's love to us. Happy Thanksgiving from the Mancilla God Bless Pastor. Ascencio M. Mancilla.

Tom and Cherilyn, Susan and I are amazed with the work you are doing in Mexico. We had a wonderful time visiting your church and the beautiful children at Casa Hogar. Those experiences were actually the best part of our vacation. We talked on the flight back to Colorado, and to say the least, we are envious of your life there and your commitment church and the orphanage. God has genuinely blessed your family. Our family has so much and, in comparison, your family has so little but the inner peace you have for life and your work shines like a beacon. I don't know how you ended up in Mexico but you are where the Lord needs you to be, honoring Him by serving others. God bless you and your work, Jason and Susan

Hello Cherie and Tom Thank you for taking your time to share your work with us. You are truly amazing people. I don't know the date but we will be back in Cancun soon and it would be our pleasure to spend more time with you, your church family and the children and your orphanage. God Bless You and keep up the great work. Brian

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