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Cancun Christian Fellowship Testimonies

Tom, Carlisa and I have discussed ways to help with the orphanage. You had stated that you need blankets ASAP. If so, what size, how many, and what address do we ship them? Please provide us with a list of other items you may need, and we can talk with our respective churches, and see what can be done to provide future support. If it would be okay with you, she and I would like to come visit the orphanage sometime after the first of 2012. We, as well, enjoyed meeting Cherilyn and you. Please take care and have a very blessed Christmas season. Meeting you two has amazed us as to how God is answering our prayers in showing where He wants/ needs us to serve.
Take care, Gary & Carlisa

(Gary and Carlisa purchased and we delivered new blankets for everyone in the home..Praise God!!)

Victoria, we are speechless...thank you so very much for your generosity and continued confidence in our work with the children. The decoration party is tomorrow afternoon...wish you were here. Tom and Cherilyn ========== You are welcome. As God continues to bless us we hope to continue to be a blessing to others. I only wish we could do more. God Bless you all this Christmas Season. Blessings, Victoria

Dear Pastor Martin, I was searching various web sites for an upcoming family vacation to Cancun and came across Cancun Fellowship Church. My wife and I have been drawn repeatedly back to your information on the efforts to support Casa Hogar Para Ninos Esperanza. This seems like a beautiful example of living Jesus out loud. We will be visiting Cancun at the end of December/beginning of January with our two boys and would love the opportunity to share in your group's mission. Could we bring clothes or school supplies to donate? I know it's after Christmas but perhaps some Christmas presents? Is there some short term work we could provide? Are there things we could purchase while in Cancun that could bless Pastor Mancilla and the children? ……..Please add me to your newsletter list. Thanks. Dwight

Hello! My name is Sharon and I'm from Selma, Indiana. My family, (4 adults) will be in the Cancun area the week of Dec. 17-24, and wondered if it would be possible to arrange a visit to Casa Hogar para Ninos Esperanza. We would so much like to see the work you are doing there. Please reply with any additional needs the Casa has, or steps we would have to take to visit with the children. Thank you! Sharon

Thanks for getting us back on your email list. It is good to see the updates and what is going on. Please allocate our donation for the food fund and for the Christmas fund for the orphanage. We continue to pray for the children and the pastor and his wife. Jon, Kristi, Jared and Kaylin

We are in Huntsville, Alabama. We hope to come back that way one day. Keep up the good work! And we will keep you all in our prayers! We are really so thankful for people like you, Cherilyn, and the whole body of people who have the compassion of Christ and care for these children. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Cheri, Scott and girls

Tom: I am writing to inquire how I might get more information on how to become involved in the Christian mission and ministry work being done in Cancun, Mexico. I have recently visited there twice and am in love with the place and the people. Most importantly, I see the great need for the Word of God to be spread in that region. Thank you for your time and would greatly appreciate to hear from you, either by e-mail or phone.

Tom and Cherilyn, Still praying for you and the body of believers in Cancun. And of course the orphanage. Keep doing Gods wonderful work.

Hello and greetings from Canada… We would love to sponsor two of the children at Casa Hogar para Ninos Esperanza and what is the best way for us to send it? We think of you all often and pray that things are going well for all of you.
In HIS love, Abe and Gloria

Hello Tom: It was nice meeting you by phone with Rick and look forward to meeting you and your wife and visiting the orphanage home God willing in November. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday with the wedding of your son what a blessing to him that you were able to marry them! I just wanted to let you know that I went yesterday to the bank and made a donation from me and one from Rick. Have a wonderful blessed weekend and look forward to reading more of the newsletters.
God Bless, Maria

Buenos Noches Amigos,
So glad to hear from your updates everything is going well. How is the baby doing? Growing like she should, I'm sure. Gary is all geared up to start back with the men's group. He has been saving his pesos to buy diapers. We are both excited to get back to Isla. Maybe me more than him. When the cold weather starts, he WILL be ready. Hopefully the end of November. Weather here is warmer and more humid than there. But, it only lasts a very short time. So glad to hear about the Frito Scoops. Stay cool.
See you soon. Marti

Dear Tom and Cherilyn:
Thank you for your email and thanks for everything that you are doing for the home for the children. Thank you for praying for Esther, she came out of the hospital yesterday and is home thanks to God and your prayer. We hope that she recovers soon. I send a hug and greetings to sister Cherilyn. God Bless.
Pastor. Ascencio M. Mancilla.

Precious saints of God who have ministered to us with His never ending love in our time of trouble we thank you. We will never forget you. You have taught us so much about how to be a follower of Jesus.
With our love, Wayne & Ruth

Thank you for all that you have done. I will share the financial piece with his parents as soon as I can. While this has been a very difficult situation for all involved, it has been a blessing to know that there were people in Cancun as eyes and ears and prayerful companions. You truly have been an answer to prayer and I will continue to hold you and your organization in my prayers. I apologize for missing your phone call. I was in a meeting. I also didn't see the e-mail until just now. I know his parents have arrived in Cancun and I assume are now in the midst of figuring out the situation. Our prayers continue to be with them. Again, thank you and many blessings on your ministry,
Pastor Nicole

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will be sending a check to the address you provided. As I mentioned, this gift is in honor of a friend who is getting married soon. I am pleased that you will be using the gift as you described.
In God's Peace, Gary

Thank you for the kind words at the end of the service yesterday. You and Cherilyn are doing a great job providing leadership for the ministry of Community of Faith in Cancun. Carolyn and I prayed a long time for Juliette to find a church here. We had no idea that God would answer our prayers the way He did. Not only did Juliette get led by the Lord to your church, she really loves being a part of Community of Faith. Thank you both again for being an example of believers in the word, deed, and in truth. May the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again!

I thank God for your ministry and pray that God will continue to bless and multiply your numbers to advance His kingdom and being glory to His Name! Dean

Thank you for keeping us updated on what is going on at church. We miss you all. Have a great summer, stay cool and we will see you in a few months. Marti

I'm happy to have an extended family in Mexico, and I would love to visit you someday, God willing maybe next year. Thank you for spreading God's Word, I'm glad that I'm a part of this, please feel free to email me anytime.
God bless, Wendy

I am sending this to Tom and Cherilyn in Cancun. I really don't know how things might work out, but it would be great to meet with other Christians here in this part of Mexico. If there is somebody who would be willing to take us to the Hotel Avalon Grand on Sunday we would certainly be happy rather than a taxi or bus. I hope we might be able to make contact with some local folk over this Easter period.
Grahame (and Fay)

Tom, Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep doing the Lord's work. He loves you and the whole team down there. What is the best way to get you guys funding? Please do not ever let those kids go unfed for periods at a time. I can get you funds pretty much anytime if you get in a pinch. Brant

Dear Tom.
For me, it is a joy to see you and your beautiful wife doing such a wonderful job. I encourage you to keep believing and keep up the good work. God is in control! I'll try to make it Wednesday to the group. If I don't make it I will buy you tacos in Playa.

This sounds like an awesome ministry, thanks for sharing:) Toyin

Hi Cherilyn,
Just wanted to thank you again for arranging my family's visit with the orphanage. We are really happy we went and hope to go again on our next trip (maybe late September without our children). Ester was so warm and welcoming of us being there and the children were full of laughter. Ester is an amazing person and truly is a gift from God. Despite language barriers the children were communicating with my youngest son without saying a word which was very neat to witness. Most of the children were in school during the time of our visit but the younger ones were there. I believe Lorena was also gone with the baby as we did not see them. Ester invited us to come back whenever we are in town. I wish we could have stayed longer but I got the impression from our driver that he had a schedule to keep and time was an issue. Next time we will plan better. The children have been on my mind every day since our visit. I will continue to hold the memories close to my heart and keep the entire family in my prayers. Thanks again Cherilyn! Many blessings!
Love, Brenda

Thanks for taking the time to visit with me yesterday. I just wanted to assure you that we were looking for a Christian organization and a Christian orphanage to be able to partner with in ministry while we were in Cancun. I appreciate your being willing to help us accomplish this. It will be my wife and myself, as well as our two adult children, ages 22 & 26 that will be coming to Cancun. We are going on a trip tomorrow morning for our daughter's graduation from college and won't be back until Sunday, so we will try to make contact with your wife about specific things the orphanage can use early next week.
Thanks again, Jon

Hope all is well. I pray that you have a Beautiful Easter as we celebrate His Resurrection and await His Glorious Return. Thank you Cherilyn and Tom and for all for the work you are doing for those little angels.
Love and Prayers to you all, Teresa

Thank you for the update Tom. I have been praying continually since I read this a few days ago. We didn't meet Lorena but we held baby Noami. Our church here is also covering Pastor, Esther, and the kids in prayer. My heart is crying out to the Lord to provide a way of escape for Lorena and baby Noami. That she will wake up and see the place she is in and run back to the shelter of the orphanage and the coverage of Pastor and Esther. May God bring her back and may she walk in the ways of the Lord. I will continue to pray for Esther's daughter too. We have a couple at our church that would like to donate more monies in the future. How do we do that from here? Thank you again for allowing us to become mission partners with you and your church team there. I am praying that we will again someday be able to come back and visit the orphanage again. Until then I will be covering you all in prayer. May God bless all the time and energy you and Christian Fellowship is pouring out to the Orphanage.
In Christ, Renee

Hi Tom & Cherilyn-
It was great to talk with you! I'm so excited to share with my family the plan to meet with you on Sun. and Wed. My children are so looking forward to this experience (probably more than the vacation itself!) Please let us know if any needs change, as we are happy to help in any way we can. We will plan on bringing clothes, shoes and some of the file folder games that Cherilyn and I talked about. So, if you could let me know the sizes needed that would be great. Thank you for all you do and for allowing us to be a part of this great service.

Dear Tom and Cherie,
My family and I were so blessed to have visited with the kids and Esther. Thank you both so much for meeting us there and making it possible. I believe we were there about 2 hours but the kids and I felt it was more like 20 minutes. We were going to try to come back before we left the area but one of my girls was fighting a tummy ache. Nothing serious but not 100 percent. I have continued to pray for the kids and Esther and Pastor. I can't get them off my mind. One day last week as I was praying I received a word for Esther. I would appreciate it if you could pass it on to her. The Lord showed me a beautiful wrapped Christmas Gift. He then impressed on my heart that Esther is that perfect gift to the children at the orphange. She is like the gift you open and continue to love more and more over time. The Lord then impressed upon me that she is also this gift to Him. She continues to bless the Lord over and over. She is a gift to our Lord. I will continue to pray for you all, your ministry, and the orphanage. May God bless you all. I truely hope my family will get to come back again someday.
In Christ, R&BA;

Tom, I really enjoyed being a part of what you are doing down there, I can see this becoming a regular part of my travel experiences. Thank you again for opening my heart to this part of the world.

Mexico Orphanage
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